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Your Love is Overdose "SuChen Ver."
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suchen at the hello! greeting party in japan ^___^v
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When one gives you a comforting back rub and the other pats you down like a cat.

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The second time Loki attacked Midgard, it was much more of an annoyance than a real threat. Each day held a new, different annoyance that they couldn’t stop. They just had to wait until Loki grew bored. First it was that everyone’s thoughts were now broadcast to those around them. Steve had never been more happy that he didn’t have to hear everything his teammates thought. Second was the day literal idioms came to life. The most difficult part of that day was trying to stop the raining cats and dogs so they didn’t fall on anyone. On the third day, everyone had been transformed into Thor. Steve tried not to think to hard on that one, though there were now some videos on the internet that he dearly hoped Thor never found. On the fourth day, when the streets were overrun with rabbits, Steve just stayed in the tower to wait it out. 

That was when he found Loki, strolling casually about. He was captured by the Avengers when Tony and Thor stumbled upon them, but not after Loki had issued Steve a challenge. 

It had been a silly exercise, and Steve should be a better role model for their alliance with the Fantastic Four, but Steve didn’t remember feeling more carefree and childish since before his mother died. He went to visit Loki in his cell to let him know. And maybe thank him.

Even if he was a crazy, mass-murdering fuckhead. 

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EXO Overdose MV Teasers: K vs. M » Part 1 | Part 2

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These edits of overdose era

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:3 loki es todo un loquillo

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